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Welcome to Sasi Nalla Technologies Ltd.,

Sasi Nalla Technologies Ltd., (SNT) is an information technology company started with sole aim of providing customer the Information Technology solution they need and not to make them change according to the technology available. That is, we will not make the customers to buy what we have in our store; instead we will change our product according to your need and give it to you. 
Here is our way of working at SNT,
  1. We will get your problem or the requirement using our panel of expert specialists in your area of business.
  2. Our dedicated technology team will analyse the requirement and will either,
    1. Suggest a demo of our existing product. 
    2. Develop an all new product based on your need and give you demo version of it for your evaluation.
  3. Based on your feedback, we will change our product (even scraping the product and build new one) and give you a product that exactly matches your need.
In this way, you will get exactly what you want and not making you bend to what we have in our store.

Our Motto

  • Give Customer what they need exactly and not bend them to what we have.
  • Highest Quality at Lowest Cost and at Lightening Speed.

Products Offered

  1. SNT Accounts Keeper
  2. SNT Accounts Keeper - Projects

Services Offered

  1. Financial Accounts Keeping
  2. End to End Software development
  3. Maintain your existing applications
  4. Web site development and hosting
  5. Daily maintenance and administration of Websites

Important Announcements

♦ SNT Accounts Keeper starting from $200/-

♦ Financial Accounts Keeping done at $4/hour

♦ All kind of application, development, and maintenance starting from $9/hour

♦ All kind of Website development and maintenance starting from $9/hour

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