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Are you,

  1. Tired of Keeping your Financial Accounts in age old books?
  2. Thought of having your Financial Accounts Electronically?
  3. Required to know your Financial status frequently?
  4. Confused selecting various Financial Accounting packages?
  5. Searching Financial Accountant for your business, but not fitting into your pocket?
Here is the answer, SNT Accounts Keeper.


  1. Financial status can be tracked any time
  2. Can be used without accounting knowledge
  3. Suits for all type and level of Businesses
  4. Maintaining separate books such as,
    1. Cash Book
    2. Purchase Book etc.,
  5. Generate the following statements anytime,
    1. Journal entries
    2. Proper books
      1. Journal Proper
      2. Cash book
      3. Purchase Book
      4. Sales Book
      5. Purchase Return Book
      6. Sales Return Book
    3. Ledger entries
    4. Trial Balance
    5. Profit or Loss Statement
    6. Balance sheet
    7. Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivables
    8. Sales invoice
    9. Purchase invoice
  6. Click-once carrying balance sheet of current financial period to the next financial period.

Our Speciality

  • We will not force you with the products we have.
  • We will change the product according to your need.
  • Here is our working style,
    1. Download the Demo Version
    2. Use it
    3. Write about your comments and the changes needed to
    4. We will change the product according to your need and give a new demo version
    5. Steps 1 to 4 will continue until your need is 100% fulfilled.


Please write to us to to get the Full Version.
Price of the Full Version for,
  1. Single User - $200/-
  2. Multiple User (Up to 10 users) - $400/-
  3. Multiple User (More than 10 users) - $400/- + Price of MS SQL Server
Important Pricing Note
The prices indicated above are for the base version. If you require any modification, we have to negotiate the final price based on the changes required.

About Accounts Keeper

SNT Accounts Keeper is an End to End Financial Accounting solution starting from Book Keeping to generating various financial statements that were used to find the financial position of the company and other legal purposes. The application has modules to maintain all the books starting from Cash Book to Adjusting Entry Book.

About Demo Version

  1. In Demo Version, you can record as maximum of 200 transactions.
  2. In Demo Version itself you can generate all the statements any number of times.
  3. Transactions recorded in the Demo Version can be carried to the Full Version.
  4. After installing the Demo Version please go through the User Manual of the application before start using it.
  5. After working with the Demo Version write to us to to get the full version.

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