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Are you,

  1. Tired of Keeping your Financial Accounts in age old books?
  2. Your accounting team quite expensive?
  3. Required to know your Financial status frequently?
  4. Looking for Accountants at low cost?
  5. Thought of outsourcing your Accounting work?
Here is the answer, SNT Financial Accounts Keeping Services.


  1. Send your financial transactions in your desired way, such as an Audio file, Text file, Voice Call or by any other means you are comfortable
  2. We will send your Financial statements frequently as early as daily based on the agreed terms and conditions
  3. Suits for all type and level of Businesses
  4. We will send you all some of the following statements as agreed upon,
    1. Journal entries
    2. Proper books
      1. Journal Proper
      2. Cash book
      3. Purchase Book
      4. Sales Book
      5. Purchase Return Book
      6. Sales Return Book
    3. Ledger entries
    4. Trial Balance
    5. Profit or Loss Statement
    6. Balance sheet
    7. Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivables
    8. Sales invoice
    9. Purchase invoice
  5. All the data entries are double checked by our special way

Our Speciality

Our speciality lies in our working style,
  1. You send your transactions in your desired way.
  2. We will record them and send you the financial statements.
  3. You go through them.
  4. Write to us your suggestions.
  5. We will change our book keeping process and the financial statements as per your suggestions.
Write to us to for more information.


Our rates start at $4/- per hour

Important Pricing Note
The rate mentioned is for financial information send by you in Text file and sending you the financial statements weekly. The price may vary for different conditions.
Please write to us to for a detailed proposal.

About Accounts Keeping Services

  1. We will take care of all your financial book keeping work and give you all the Financial Statements.
  2. We will send your Financial statements frequently as early as daily based on the agreed terms and conditions.
  3. You send your financial transactions done in your desired way and we will take care of the rest.
  4. All the Book Keeping works are done using our SNT Accounts Keeper or SNT Accounts Keeper - Projects as required.

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