Sasi Nalla Technologies Ltd.,

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Services Offered

  1. Daily updating of Data and other contents of the Websites.
  2. Maintaining and Enhancing the existing Websites and Web based applications.
  3. Administering all your web-based systems.
  4. Production support for web-based existing applications.
  5. Have expertise in all leading Web Technology and Reporting Tools.

Our Speciality

Our speciality lies in our working style,
  1. We will get your problem or the requirement using our panel of expert specialists in your area of business.
  2. Our dedicated technology team will analyse the requirement and suggest a demo of our existing product or develop an all new product based on your need and give you demo version of it for your evaluation.
  3. Based on your feedback, we will change our product (even scraping the product and build new one) and give you a product that exactly matches your need.
  4. All the above steps will be repeated until you are satisfied.
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Our rates start at $8/- per hour

Important Pricing Note
The rate may vary based on the required expertise and the time frame to complete the work.
Please write to us to for a detailed proposal.

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